VASE Construction


Since 2007, VASE has assisted small and large businesses as well as public and private sector agencies to achieve over $100 million in business and construction contracts as well as increased utilization of small, minority, women, section 3 and other disadvantaged business services.

HANH is pleased to be one of the first authorities to partner with VASE Construction on a local construction project.

– Karen DuBois-Walton
Executive Directo
r, Elm City Communities/
Housing Authority of the City of New Haven (HANH)

VASE Construction assisted HANH Resident-Owned Business, Section 3, and Small/Minority Businesses to achieve over $8,771,802 in Construction Contracts. VASE also created and developed 8 Section 3 Resident Owned businesses for HANH.

VASE events/programs are always right on time to meet the contacts for my particular issue as I grow my company.

Allen N. Page
Core Site Services

Hi Vee, Just a note to say 'Thank You' and the VASE team for giving me a special night. Without your leadership and your team's drive to make me successful... I would be 'outside looking in' when it comes to networking. YOU and VASE makes the difference. Many many thanks!

Christopher Duffy
Pequot Global

When I first became a VASE member, I was excited to learn all of the opportunities and resources available for a small business such as ours. In particular, I was eager to find some assistance with becoming a WBE/SBE enterprise as I was experiencing some difficulty applying on my own.

For about a year I tried submitting paperwork and continually either made an error or did not have all the right documents the state needed. I was truly getting frustrated as a business owner who just doesn't have the extra time or resources to complete the extensive application process as quickly as I would have liked.

So I called Nicole and Vee to see if they could help, and they were right on it! I met with Vee just once and handed them all the paperwork that I had to date and they took it from there! From the moment I left their office, VASE continued to help me persevere and oversee all the way until the very end of the process (which was only about a month!) until I had my certificate in hand! I am very grateful for having met VASE and their ability to be so responsive and helpful when it really matters most. A big thank you to the VASE team!

Katrina Savaglio
Green Comfort Soultions Inc.

I would like to thank you for providing opportunities to grow and build my business through your organization. Thank you for putting together the OSHA training for my employees. We could not work on a certain high profile project without the OSHA training. The training was held in VASE facility which was even more helpful. Also, thank you for allowing my company to work on your projects for the Town of Fairfield. Your staff goes out of their way to assist with our paperwork, and also needs and concerns. I am happy to recommend VASE Construction to anyone looking to grow thier business.

Mike Jordan
Jordan Electric LLC

As a service provider I regularly check the bid portal on the Vase website for projects within my particular industry. I then forward the information as a lead to sub contractors in the Vase Network that are also my customers, that is incase they missed it or haven't seen it yet. It has led to more business for VASE member subcontractors and my company. There are thousands of dollars worth of work posted regularly on the VASE Bid Portal. It is a valuable resource and a huge time saver.

John Campbell
Winnelson Company

I have had the pleasure of working with VASE Management over the past four years at three different housing authorities in varying capacity ranging from providing back office assistance to small and disadvantaged businesses to construction management. During that time, the firm has been an invaluable asset to helping these authorities achieve their goals and objectives. The firm’s major asset is its wide range of expertise in almost every aspect of business development and construction. This myriad of skills ensures that customers of the firm will receive services that are comprehensive and thorough. Moreover, the firm’s ability to provide one stop shopping means those customers can meet most of the business development and construction needs by merely clicking on the firm’s highly interactive and well maintained website. The website provides a portal to hundreds of qualified small and disadvantaged businesses that have been screened by VASE to ensure that they have the capacity to complete any work awarded to them by your agency.

The website also provides a quick and economically way for your agency
to meet its federal, state and local requirements to outreach to small and disadvantaged businesses. VASE can manage this outreach and
recruitment process which means that you will be able to not only meet or exceed your EEO/MBE/WBE mandates but have access to data that will enable you to complete your semi-annual and annual EEO/MBE/WBE reporting requirements. Indeed, for many small agencies that does not
have the internal resources to manage their EEO compliance process, VASE offers an excellent alternative to outsource this process, thereby saving
time and money.

Along with offering a full range of services that will enable you to meet or exceed your EEO/MBE/WBE goals and objectives, VASE has the capacity to serve as a general contractor or construction manager on almost every type of construction project. These services when combined with the firm’s website and back-office technical assistance programs means that your agency has a simple and economical way to not only oversee its construction projects, but coordinates its EEO/MBE/WBE compliance efforts in a way that is both effective and cost efficient.

Jimmy L. Miller
Formal Deputy Executive Director
Housing Authority of the City of New Haven

It is an exciting time to be associated with VASE Management. I hope you can pencil in a meeting with Vee, or Lisa in the near future. Recap briefly Troy White from Ansonia Housing Authority spoke about some of the projects that are on tap, in particular when listening to him your company came to mind... VASE is positioned well and growing in sphere of influence. Members enjoy these networking opportunities as well as private job meetings exclusive to members only. Last Month, Adam Wood from Mayor Finch's office was at a meeting as well as Lee Byers from Bridgeport Housing authority. If I did not feel that you would be a good fit for VASE I would not have asked you to consider checking them out. In my opinion you would be a great fit... VASE will at minimum be a great referral source (much more potentially than just a referral source).

– John Campbell
Account Manager, Shelton Winnelson

What a pleasure it has been to work with VASE Management! It is very refreshing and enjoyable working with the VASE staff. They are consistently courteous and friendly. They respond quickly to solving problems and are accountable and knowledgeable… rarely are these characteristics found in a group of staff under one roof.

Rob, the head project manager is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. His excellent communication skills keeps VASE
subcontractors in the VASE Construction Management division informed
of all aspects of construction projects. My firm has a good fortune of also working with VASE on the Hurricane Sandy community development projects, which repairs to properties damaged by the hurricane. This state program is one of the most complex undertaken for our firm because of all the paperwork that is required by the state. VASE team manages the program for the state and also assists our firm with the paperwork aspects including submittals, RFI’s and Closeout process. When we are faced with challenges, the team have always had options and solutions to address “all” of our challenges and complex situations. Vee and her staff supported us seamlessly, worked diligently, and communicated well together and with my team to successfully complete projects.

VASE has been exceptional part of our business development including accommodating our staff. They are very cost conscious and understanding of the needs of other contractors. Their tough but firm approach to management produces a great project team and unparalleled project control. I highly recommend VASE and appreciate their ongoing contribution and dedication to helping my company grow.

– Stephon D. Wynter
Owner, A-Preferred Construction

I would like to thank VASE Construction for all your help and technical support with the programs and meetings you provide to me as a Small Minority business.

– Maryanne Ottaviano
Owner and Operato
r, Select Fence & Tile, LLC

Select Fence achieved over $70,000 in contracts awards.

VASE demonstrated superior event management services in their work with the GNEMSDC.

– Dr. Fred McKinney
, Greater New England Minority
Supplier Development Council (GNEMSDC)

VASE Construction executed six (6) Construction Expositions for GNEMSDC
at Mohegan Sun Casino, Northeast Utilities Headquarters, CT Convention
Center, and more.

Chris and I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your work in putting together the conferences and programs that provide an opportunity to introduce businesses like ours with larger companies that are looking to partner with small and minority construction businesses.

– Nanda T. Zimmerman
President,, LLC made a connection at our Mohegan Sun event. The introduction, follow-up and subsequent meeting resulted in their receipt of a large order from this new client and they anticipate that they will be a repeat customer.

It has been an incredibly advantageous opportunity working with VASE Construction. Vincencia is an excellent advocate in finding jobs for our company, a fierce and tenacious fighter for Resident Owned Section 3 Businesses, and she has been very instrumental in helping MBE’s obtain primary and secondary financing for projects.

– Clayton Henderson
President, White Owl Construction, LLC /
DRSL Construction, LLC

DRSL Construction has achieved over $300,000 in contract awards
and $24,000 in start-up funding.

I am pleased to inform you that we have entered into a contract with a section 3 business. I know we never could have done it without your help setting up meeting between us and section 3 contractors.

– Dave Romani
Project Manager at Waterbury Mason

Waterbury Mason provided over $300,000 in construction contracts through VASE Construction efforts.

We are writing this to thank you personally for HANH's and VASE Construction support in the process with us starting our new business. VASE Construction was an influential leader throughout the entire process.

– Miguel Ayala and Bryant Thomas
Managing Partners, A&T Mechanical Services LLC

A&T Mechanical has achieved over $600,000 in contract awards
and $25,000 in start-up funding.

On behalf of the friends, families and clients of SCDAA of Southern CT, I would like to thank you for your outstanding support of our Walkathon that took place on September 17, 2011.

– James E. Rawlings
Board Chair, Sickle Cell Disease
Association of America, Inc (SCDAA, CT)

SCDAA of Southern CT achieved a 10% increase in their annual walk.

VASE offers exceptional public relations service and guidance. VASE was called on to breathe life back into the Trefz Center's Hispanic Business EXPO after its collapse the previous year. Applying extraordinary organizing and people skills, VASE Management revived the event and took it to twice any level it had previously achieved. VASE is equally capable of taking on major trade shows, entertainment events, and corporate promotional meetings of just about any size. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering results for the customer is unwavering. I recommend VASE enthusiastically and without qualification as the best program management firm in the state.

– Glenn Bassett
Director, Trefz Center for Venture Management

The support that HANH gives its ROBs is above and beyond. With their Resident Revolving loan fund, and with the technical assistance that the ROBs receive from HANH, we are all assured that we have a real chance to become successful business owners.

– Yul A. Watley
Managing Partner, Advanced Construction Technologies LLC

VASE offers technical assistance to HANH ROBs.


I am certainly interested in expanding our subcontractor base, especially as it pertains to minority and women-owned businesses. As you are aware, RPM is a general contractor and we are fortunate to be among those qualified to do work for Ahold USA, particularly Stop & Shop. I was also part of a meeting conducted by your company in partnership with James Sturgis of Ahold back in June of 2011 and was pleased to meet some new vendors. We have used one of the vendors, Maimon GR, for a few of our projects already (projects not associated with Ahold).

– Bob Bonett
Retail Project Management of NY, Inc.

VASE organized a Construction Vendor Fair for Stop & Shop, Ahold USA Retail Co.
to assist them in identifying local small and minority contractors
for construction of Stop & Shop stores.

I have not stopped mentioning VASE and what you do whenever there is an opportunity. I will continue, and when necessary, refer those who may need your services. Thank you for inviting me to your Construction Network and Business Opportunity Event. I met some great people.

– Franck Adjisegbe
HERORS Overseas

Thanks again for inviting me to the Friday night Construction Network and Business Opportunity Event, had a great time.

– Joe Tiago
Tiago Construction

We all had a productive and informative time Friday, the thin crust pizza along with the information of upcoming opportunities brought it over the top.

– Larry Thomas
LA Homes

I met some fantastic business professionals. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the event. PROMISE! Will be at your next event.

– Jennifer Ruspini
Ruspini Realty, LLC

I truly had a pleasurable time being an attendant and networking at VASE Business & Networking event on Friday. I thank you sooo very much for having me there. I look toward moving forward with VASE.

– Terri Martin
RTM Construction Services, LLC.

Wonderful to be part of something like VASE. VASE is the place. Thank you for all you do to make a difference and give back. You and your team represent hope for the little guy on the playing field who is trying to make a better life for him or herself. Love that about VASE and the big deals too.

– John Cambell
Shelton Winnelson

Ansonia Housing Authority (AHA) was looking to do Power washing, Roof, and Gutter cleaning for 8 of their Housing Units. A.G.O Painting, a VASE Member was selected for the project. As a result, AHA and its Residents were pleased with their work. Robert Henderson, Operations Manager, at AHA stated that,
"We are very pleased with the work of AGO. Our Residents also mentioned how pleased they were at our recent board meeting."

– A.G.O Painting

VASE offers many benefits to its members. The one-on-one services and consultation, the monthly networking events, and most valuable to me is also the VASE Bid Portal.  The VASE Bid Portal is where I go to find projects in my area and across the State.  Like the gym membership that Vee always refers to at meetings, you have to use it when you have it, otherwise, you’re never going to get into shape.  The VASE Bid Portal is like a treasure map and the work and bids listed are like the treasure chest.  It’s a gold mine, and there is gold, but you need to go dig for it.
I see VASE is committed to constant improvement and adding value to membership services. The membership privileges are a real value to me and to my clients.  After using the VASE Bid portal to find work, bid the work, and win the job, VASE partners can also step in to assist in getting the work done! Whether you need finance, insurance, bonding, supplies, materials, laborers, and more, you can count on them to assist. They even offer a plotter in their office at a real reasonable price, and much cheaper than Staples or Kinkos.  

In today’s economy, finding work is hard, getting jobs are hard, doing this all alone without help is even harder. VASE does its best to put its members in a position to be successful.

– John Campbell
Middletown Winnelson